VIEWS were mixed among parents about children in some year group's making a return to their primary schools across the conurbation yesterday.

As part of the government's easing of coronavirus measures, pupils in reception, year one and year six were able to go back into the classrooms for the first time since closure during lockdown.

While vulnerable children and the sons and daughters of key workers able to attend school over the past two months, the decision to allow more children back has led to concerns from some in the community.

As reported, BCP Council chiefs understood all primary schools in the conurbation would be welcoming pupils from the relevant year groups back this week. Meanwhile, parents who choose to keep their children at home will not be fined.

The Daily Echo asked audiences on social media for the decisons they had made yesterday.

A poll on Twitter, which provides just a small snapshot of the situation, had 63.3 per cent of respondents stating they would not or will not send their child back to school.

Some of the replies to the poll included:

A post on the Bournemouth Daily Echo Facebook page sparked a large debate and these are some of the responses.

One mother said: "No, my children are staying off. Their mental well-being is more important. School work can still be done at home!"

A parent cited the short time left in the school year, just six weeks in her response. She added: "I'd rather them be in an environment they are familiar to, and I am able to still have them off, when I'm at work my partner will look after them as he still cannot go back to work, it's all personal.choice and I think no one needs to judge either side."

While it seems some children have missed being at school. One commenter said: "My daughter can not wait, she knows it’s going to be different and I’ve explained it won’t be like before but she’s desperate just to catch up with her friends.

"For me right now there is no major rush but there are not new huge peaks in the key workers children at school if you were looking for no risk your kids will never return.

"Seeing people from a distance has become the new normal so why don’t we let them start getting used to that in the environments they need the most.

"My son on the other hand isn’t allowed back yet as he isn’t the right year and he’s just absolutely gutted he can’t go back yet."

A mother gave an honest view on her situation. She said: "My youngest one will be going back at the end of the week! She is going to senior school in September and I feel like she could do with the support from school, also we have been spending everyday at the beach and I would be a hypocrite if I wasn’t going to send her back."

It is worth remembering that some children have been going to school throughout lockdown.

A key worker parent said: "My children have been attending school throughout lock down as myself and my partner are key workers, they love it at school and are enjoying it. The school have done so well with keeping the children and teachers safe."

And offering a balanced assessment of the situation, a parent said: "What's right for one is not necessarily right for another.

"I'm a keyworker and my son has had no choice but to go in throughout but I am not saying people are wrong for keeping kids off. It is down to individuals and parents know their kids best.

"Parenting is a hard enough job without criticising each other's choices. With more businesses opening up there will be a lot who have to go back to school as they have no childcare so lets be supportive of that. And if you can stay at home with kids and want to then that's fine too."