A COUNCILLOR has slammed the way the government has handled the coronavirus outbreak, saying Number 10 has made a “hash” of getting the country through the pandemic.

On her personal Twitter account, Lesley Dedman posted: “One of my reasons for voting Brexit was to be governed from Westminster not Brussels.

“With respect to many of our hard working MPs, with the hash No 10 are making getting us through this crisis, I've changed my mind.”

Speaking to the Daily Echo, Cllr Dedman, who is portfolio holder for adults and health at BCP Council, said: “There is a lot of people that are grumbling that the people moaning about Dominic Cummings are remainers, that is not true.

“To clarify, I am not speaking as the portfolio holder for adults and health, but in that role I have seen a lot go wrong that could have been done better.

“We have been at the forefront of it. In terms of personal protective equipment, I used to be a care provider and the World Heath Organisation said you don’t need to wear PPE if you are not dealing with a person with Covid-19.

“But the point was, we didn’t know who had it because there was no tests going on so it would be a good idea to wear PPE.

“The government started saying it wasn’t necessary, that was because they didn’t have enough to go around anyway.”

Cllr Dedman said she didn’t disagree that care home workers going from home to home added to the problem, but stated that patients being discharged from hospital without a test was a bigger issue.

She continued: “We are in the prime position in Europe of most deaths. I know people say you can’t compare but I am shocked as a person.

“I went to a meeting for the rules, I was saying there is no interpretation, but now we find there is some interpretation.

“Most our MPs do a brilliant job, but I am shocked by the top.”

It comes after Dorset MP, Simon Hoare, called for Dominic Cummings to resign after reportedly breaking lockdown.

Mr Hoare said: “This is deeply damaging to the reputation of the government.

"If advisers are not helpful to the government, one has to wonder why he is there."