I WAS not surprised that no Conservative councillor responded to calls about the example set by Dominic Cummings. After all, who wants to defend the indefensible? But the media need to step back from the single issue and look out for what’s being done under the radar by our government.

Back at the beginning of the crisis the government told local councils “spend what you need to spend and we will cover the cost”.

In mid-April, they rowed back on that commitment leaving, BCP Council, for example, with a £32million shortfall. At the beginning they said to pull out all the stops to get the homeless off the streets. BCP did that, but with lockdown gradually coming to an end the cost of this will soar as hotels and guest houses start to cater for visitors, again, no extra funding to help these vulnerable people.

On Monday, when the media were preoccupied with the Dominic Cummings affair, the PM revealed that it was local council tax payers that will be asked to support those returning from holiday who are forced to self isolate in their home, but have not made provision to cover food and medicines. As one of the 2,500 people on the volunteer list in the BCP area I’m quite sure I won’t wish to step in and deliver food parcels to people who chose to be in a position of need by going off on holiday, and I’m sure others won’t be keen either.

Our politically biased national newspapers cannot be relied on to hold the government to account, so despite protestations from those who do not like hearing news that doesn’t fit in with their narrow world view, we depend on our broadcast media for a broad view. Whilst I condemn the attempts to undermine them by those who want a compliant right wing narrative from them, I do wish they would stop getting bogged down by a narrow agenda – often determined by the print media, and start to be more investigative and challenging, and watch out for other issues emerging.

We are losing our objectivity in the UK and drifting ever onwards towards new crisis, and a more dictatorial form of government. Let’s all get a grip and look beyond headlines and spin.

For the sake of balance, the government have managed to do one thing right – furlough. Maybe that gives a clue as to who might replace the current PM!


BCP councillor (Lib Dem)

Fraser Road, Poole