I AM sympathetic to the benefits of cycling for those who are able to use this form of transport, but the recent Covid-19 situation has brought a lot more inexperienced cyclists into areas they might be unfamiliar with.

I am unable to cycle but I try to keep my car mileage to a minimum, in fact I have done less than 100 miles since the week before lockdown, but I walk five to six miles a day.

I have noticed many more people cycling in areas where cycling is forbidden, for example in the Lower Gardens this morning between the square and the pier, there were more than a dozen people cycling through the central pathway, although there is only one permitted cycle path to the west of the gardens.

Also some of those people are pre-occupied chatting to their partners or using earphones and assume everybody is more alert than they are.

I had to step aside A few times to avoid cyclists, and some of them were cycling at speed.

Is it time to get some wardens in the gardens and impose fines for repeat offenders?

They give cyclists a bad name and most don’t deserve it.


Durdells Avenue