AN INSPECTOR carried out a "fundamental betrayal" to the public and policing when he abused his position as an officer to engage in sexual activity with members of the public and Dorset Police.

Billy Bulloch was found guilty of gross misconduct and would have been dismissed from the force had he not already resigned from his position.

A hearing, chaired by Chief Constable James Vaughan at Dorset Police headquarters, was held to consider a number of alleged breaches of the standards of professional behaviour by former Inspector Bulloch. These related to abusing his privileged position as a police officer for a sexual purpose, engaging in sexual activity with members of the public and members of the force whilst on duty, pursuing others for sexual activity whilst on duty and dishonesty.

Having been found guilty of gross misconduct by Chief Constable Vaughan, Bulloch was placed on the national policing barred list.

Following the hearing, which took place on Friday, May 15, Deputy Chief Constable David Lewis, Dorset Police’s lead for professional standards, said: “This case demonstrates that we will not hesitate to take action against the tiny minority of officers who fail to maintain the high standards that we set and fall below what is expected of them in terms of professional behaviour.

“The public expect and deserve to have trust and confidence in their police. Former Inspector Bulloch let his colleagues and the public down by his conduct, which represented a fundamental betrayal of the public and the values for which the police service stands. Police officers serve to protect the public and are in significant positions of trust."

The hearing heard that the force’s counter corruption unit, a dedicated team to proactively investigate members of Dorset Police who are alleged to have breached professional standards, conducted a thorough investigation following reports of concern into the conduct of former Inspector Bulloch.

This investigation established that he not only failed in his duty to protect people and lead by example, but he abused his position for his own sexual purpose and misled investigators. As a result of the evidence gathered, Bulloch accepted that his conduct fell well below that expected and resigned from Dorset Police prior to the hearing.

Deputy Chief Constable Lewis added: “While the vast majority of all members of Dorset Police are highly professional and dedicated, our counter corruption unit will thoroughly investigate concerns in respect of any member of the organisation, who is alleged to have failed to maintain the highest of standards and behaviour, as demonstrated by this case.

“If you suspect a member of the force is abusing their position, e.g. engaging in or pursuing an emotional or sexual relationship with a victim of crime or a witness or contacting you or someone you know whilst off duty or via personal telephone numbers, then please report your concerns to Dorset Police.

“I can assure all of our communities that any such report of concern will be investigated to ensure the highest professional standards possible.”