WOMEN who work part-time are urgently needed to take part in an annual survey on female experience of the workplace.

The Women’s Sat Nav to Success Research Survey needs to hear from more part-time staff by midnight on Sunday.

The survey, led by Dorset-based Diana Parkes, reports on what matters most to women’s career progression and where organisations need to focus in order to achieve the most rapid positive change.

Diana Parkes said: “We’re now in the fourth year of our annual research and we have had a fantastic response across the UK. However, participation this year has been dominated by full-time employees and, given the concerning insights we’ve gained about part-time employees being very significantly under-valued, despite having a similar academic achievement profile to their full-time peers we want to redress this imbalance.

“This undervaluing that we have quantified in previous years has a major negative impact on individuals and clear negative consequences for employers’ performance.

“We also see that this is a huge opportunity for organisations to gain strength for a rapid and robust recovery from the pandemic if they can understand their talent blindspot and address it.”

Research shows women generally experience a 22.2 per cent “contribution to value gap”– the difference between the percentage who consistently contribute at work and the percentage who consistently report having their contributions valued. But for part-time workers, the gap is 40 per cent.

“We are all familiar with the impact of enthusiastically trying to put a point forward but being over-looked, and when this is the ongoing norm the consequences are easy to envisage,” the author said.

“So we need to hear from part-time employees – 10 minutes taking the survey to help us measure the opportunity their employers are missing and to help them have a more fulfilling work-life.”

The survey is designed to also benefit participants, so it functions as a free-to-download development tool. More than 41 per cent of this year participants have already used it to identify immediate actions to improve work-life fulfilment.

The survey is at womenssatnav.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/2020