It has been increasingly clear for some time that working together will be one of the most important ways in which change the way we do business.

We could sum it up as ‘collaborate in the morning, compete in the afternoon.’

There have been countless examples since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis of companies coming up with innovative ideas to share resources and deliver their services and a growing recognition that a common interest must drive much of what we do in future.

Working together is good for business and good for the consumer.

A very good example of this is the launch next week of a new campaign called ‘Stay Local, Spend Local’ a joint venture between the Bournemouth Town Centre BID, the Daily Echo, BCP Council and the Poole BID.

The campaign will provide thousands of pounds of free advertising and publicity to the local business community in an effort to help bring shoppers back to our town centres as the lockdown continues to ease.

Further details will appear in the Echo and the BID’s social media channels next week.

Meanwhile with the new date of June 15 set for the next phase of reviving the high streets, the important work continues on putting together the necessary social distancing measures to ensure safety for visitors and staff alike.

Much of this work is being undertaken by the recovery task force led by BCP Council and including dozens of representative organisations across the conurbation- another excellent example of collaboration.

The council’s appointment of a new economic development officer is also timely and welcome.

Meanwhile the scale of the challenge of maintaining safe social distancing in a popular resort was underscored dramatically at the weekend. Bournemouth town centre was quiet but the beach front was heaving with many thousands of

visitors. It was impossible for many of them to ensure social distancing because of the numbers.

It looked like business as usual and as if coronavirus has never happened.

It was also very clear that cycling on the prom presents huge problems for pedestrian safety and a very clear plan is required to avoid major incidents.

The more we all return to what appears to be something approaching normal life, the more it becomes apparent just how much of a challenge it will be to do this safely.

We all have a huge part to play in that.