A COUPLE said they cannot enjoy their garden because a metallic-like smell has “plagued” their lives.

Keith and Cily Clements, of Knights Road, Bearwood, described it as a “metallic, burning smell” and said it has been bothering them for two years.

While the couple said they have raised the issue with BCP Council, a spokesperson for the local authority claimed they had no record of any complaints being made in that area of Bournemouth over an “unusual smell”.

Keith said: “It is quite unpleasant, the other difficulty is it is not 24/7.

“I suppose last year I decided we should try and do something about it.

“We have a nice garden and we like to sit here and enjoy it.

“It’s also a worry because my wife has had cancer twice and we’re worried about the health risks.

“I have spoken to close neighbours, they have smelt it and are very disturbed by it.”

Keith, 77, said he contacted two local councillors who told him they were monitoring the situation, but were unable to take action.

“This offensive aroma does not occur 24/7 having ceased strangely during the current lockdown but now having recommenced," said Keith.

“The police said it was not their problem but I should contact either the fire brigade or the local council environmental staff.

“The latter said they couldn’t help unless I identified the location, the fire brigade sent a tender and crew who confirmed they could smell it.”

Keith added: “It is unpleasant to sit in one’s garden and we are concerned it may be toxic or carcinogenic. The source of the smell has not been identified.”

As the weather gets hotter, Keith said he and his wife want to sit in the garden but cannot because the smell is off-putting, and they worry about the side effects for Cily’s health.

A spokesperson for BCP Council said: “We’ve searched but have not found a record of a complaint about an unusual smell in that particular vicinity.

“We would invite the residents concerned to contact us directly so that we can investigate.

“Residents can report such issues on our website. If a resident smells gas, however, they should call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.”

The concerns from the Clements come just months after the Daily Echo reported on a mystery humming noise, which had blighted the lives of residents in Kinson.