ON Monday night I sat down to watch the daily press conference, on this occasion given by the Prime Minister.

Without fail every political journalist asked virtually the same questions surrounding the Dominic Cummings situation.

All they were concerned with as usual was the comings and goings and gossip within the political bubble that they involve themselves in.

The ordinary man and woman in the street would probably only concern themselves a little with the hypocrisy surrounding Dominic Cummings and his statement.

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That said I would suggest that what people wanted to know and the questions that should’ve been asked by the political journalist, are when can we visit the hairdresser and more importantly, to be able to visit the dentist as many people are suffering with acute dental pain with no end of the situation in site.

Political journalists should get out of the bubble that is Westminster and start asking questions that the general public would like answers to in this horrible coronavirus situation.

This is part of the reason why television and radio journalists are held in such low esteem as all they seem concerned with is trying to catch out whoever they are interviewing, rather than ask pertinent questions that are of concern to the general public.


Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy