CHERRIES goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale announced he had tested positive for coronavirus.

The 22-year-old told SunSport he was asymptomatic and had returned a negative test on May 18, before testing positive on Friday.

There were two positive tests from the latest round of COVID-19 testing among Premier League players and staff, with the other case coming from a different club.

It follows an earlier round of testing where six people were shown to have the virus, including Watford defender Adrian Mariappa and Burnley assistant manager Ian Woan.

Ramsdale told the Sun he believed he had caught the virus at the supermarket.

"It's definitely a shock - I've not been in contact with anybody and I've now got it," he said.

"I'm showing no symptoms so the fact that a healthy young person could potentially have it is definitely scary and worrying.

“It’s obviously not great that I’ve got it but it’s good that I’m showing no symptoms.

“It’s one of those things that has unfortunately happened and happened to me.”

The keeper, who has been capped at under 21 level for England, has isolated at his Bournemouth home with his partner since the diagnosis.

He will need to pass another test after the seven-day quarantine period before returning to training.

He said: "When you know you haven't had it and you've just been following the rules and only gone to the shop, that was obviously scary at first.

"Now I'm in the realisation that I've got it.

"There are other people who have had it and other people will get it so there’s obviously nothing to be ashamed of.”