A COMMUNITY group which coordinates donations and deliveries to vulnerable Dorset residents is appealing for more funding to continue their scheme.

The Shout Out WhatsApp group is run by Sister Tama, a member of the Bournemouth Islamic Centre and Central Mosque, who coordinates donations from around 200 people to ensure they go to the people that need it most during the current lockdown.

She said: “At the moment I am going into five or six shelter a day but that could easily be 10, it is shocking at how many shelters there are.

“The drop off I’m doing to people in temporary accommodation, I am helping out around 100 to 150 of them but I could easily triple that.

“Coordinating the donations and doing these deliveries is hard but it is nothing compared to what these people are going through.”

What started out a donating food to groups of individuals and community groups has since expanded to provide clothes, medication and PPE.

The group have also begun helping individuals that have requested assistance.

One of the places Sister Tama and the the Shout Out group delivers to is St Paul’s Direct Access Hostel in Boscombe.

A spokesman from the hostel said: "“St Paul’s Direct Access Hostel has been receiving donations from The Shout Out Group since the beginning of the lockdown.

"All of our residents and staff are very grateful for the continued support during this difficult time receiving food, essential items and clothing on a daily basis. Thank you Shout Out.”

The group also provides home cooked meals, which are paid for at one pound a meal in order to provide the cooks a source of income, but funds are slowly drying up.

Sister Tama said: “What would be good would be if local supermarkets would put themselves out there more and help out groups like ours. I wish they can come out and help more

“Most days I am our in my car from 9.30am to 5pm so imagine how much petrol that is using each week.

“Doing all this costs money and we aren’t able to apply for any grants or loans. Everything I have tried to apply for hasn’t come to anything

As well as helping vulnerable groups and individuals, the Shout Out group has been delivering fresh cakes to hospitals and distributing 100 3D printed face shields to frontline workers provides by Portsmouth University.

“It makes you more appreciative of people who go through this usually and don’t eat for a whole day,” Sister Tama said.

She added: “The reason why we do it is to show appreciation for what we have and thin of people less fortunate than ourselves.

“Some people during this Covid-19 crisis are really struggling to make ends meets and supply for their families and won’t have that pleasure at the moment.”