SO, Dorset Council have reintroduced charging in their car parks, but you cannot use cash, or contactless credit card, you have to use Just

You can only do this if you have a mobile phone.

The council suggest this is to safeguard their employees and us from coronavirus.

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Yet, given the age demographics in Dorset, and the number of older people who do not have a mobile, it is clear that the current policy discriminates against older people, denying them the use of council car parks. The council need not have reintroduced car parking charges until all were able to use the car parks, paying by whatever method they chose.

By denying a significant number of older people the opportunity to park, does this not smack of indirect age discrimination under the Equality Act? The current policy is not reasonable or proportionate and should be reversed.


Old Pound Close , Lytchett Matravers