RECENT days have shown that we are now a nation of two parts.

The majority of us comply with government restrictions and guidelines even when it means sacrificing things like meeting up with friends, going out for meals, seeing family, and cuddling grandchildren.

We do so because we recognise the need to control Covid-19 and out of respect for those hard-pressed health workers some of whom have sacrificed their lives to treat others.

However there appears to be an ever-growing minority who either just don’t care or think the rules don’t apply to them.

They see nothing wrong in coming down here to camp overnight, even on the beach, to get so drunk that when they fall and hit their heads, they are not aware of it and have to be rescued, to go out into Wareham Forest and light disposable barbecues.

These people are both irresponsible and selfish. Their actions could well cause an increase in COVID-19 cases particularly in this area and the loss of more lives.

Not only that but if they themselves get it, they will still be expected to be treated by the NHS.

Boris Johnson in introducing the new measures stated that he trusted the British public to use “good old British common sense”. Unfortunately he was wrong because recent events have shown that trust is misplaced. We will all suffer because of their irresponsible and selfish behaviour.


Laidlaw Close, Poole