HAVING accepted that this week provided people with a much deserved chance to get to the beach, especially on Wednesday and Thursday, it was not edifying to witness the extent of groups “social proximating” and wanton gorging in festival-like-fashion as the day progressed.

I get the motivation – it’s just depressing to take in what followed.

At the arrival of the third ambulance in the early evening, plus the scattered plastic pint glasses, bottles, cans and other random litter left in readiness for the tides to take it all in, I was left wondering as to how the council, its beach staff and any other authority can take any practical proactive and on-site action.

The dog prohibition commences this week, but I’m not sure that this is currently a comparable issue. I will continue to allow my dogs to accompany me before 7am and at dusk as they join me in my token litter pick near the pier after such days.

Any other fine ideas to assist with community or council provided beach cleaning, I’m more than happy to support.

Sorry about the negativity. My next letter will talk of better family-fun filled salutations full of seaside sentiments and sand-castle scenes.


Undercliff Road, Bournemouth