A group of women from Dorset showed their support for those trapped in lockdown with their domestic abuser by taking part a walk honouring those who need to walk out of abusive homes.

On Friday May 15 at Upton Country Park, five women donated their daily exercise to help those trapped in lockdown with their domestic abuser.

In Britain, like in much of the world, domestic violence rates have skyrocketed since the government enacted its lockdown policy. Refuge has seen a 700 percent increase in calls to its helpline.

Co-founder Martha Jephcott said: “The government have announced funding for domestic violence, but explicitly saying it is going to charities to fill the gaps from years of underfunding.

“That’s fantastic for those organisations, and the women who can be supported by phone lines or help lines, but we’re focusing on those women at one extreme end of the spectrum, who are in danger of being injured and killed unless they have somewhere to go to.

“For those women, it’s crucial they can access emergency accommodation, such as the hotels being offered at cost like in France, or private flats which London has begun to use.”

Counting Dead Women has recorded 16 women and children killed by male abusers as part of domestic abuse in the three weeks between March 23 and April 12 – double the ‘normal’ rate.

As part of a response, a volunteer organisation named Some Women Need to Walk have supported groups of women to take public action by donating their daily exercise to a walk in honour of those who need to walk out of abusive homes, but for whom the government have not organised sufficient emergency accommodation.

Almost 80,000 people have signed up to join the campaign, with hundreds of MPs being contacted by supporters, a featured article on the campaign in the Huffington Post, and women donating their public exercise across the country.