IT is very clear to see that people are sadly breaking the rules of lockdown.

On Sunday I witnessed a group of 17 people heading to the beach at Hengistbury Head they were towing a very large beach trolley and yesterday near the cliff lift there was a large group at Southbourne. It was quite apparent they were going to enjoy a barbecue.

Over the weeks of lockdown, the beach is my nearest daily walk. I have continually have had bikes whizz passed me, not observing the social distancing guidelines. The promenade is not a race track.

The final straw came yesterday. For the first time in two months, I enjoyed the ability to be able to meet a friend from outside my home as long as we social distance.

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This is the first company I have had in two months as we walked along the promenade. We were constantly having bikes weave in and out and one even trying to go between the two metre gap that we were keeping.

Bikes need to be banned from the promenade and large groups need to be managed by the various BCP staff driving up and down the promenade.


Stourwood Road, Bournemouth