CONCERNS have been raised again at Lulworth Cove as the Dorset beauty spot attracted more visitors over the weekend.

Residents have reported increasing numbers of daytrippers heading for the area since lockdown restrictions were eased by Prime Minister Boris Johnson midweek.

One village resident, who asked the Echo not to be named, said one sightseer had even driven up to her house to park on Wednesday.

Speaking on Saturday, she said: "Today has been absolutely ridiculous, it was utter chaos. Truthfully, I was expecting this to happen but I was hoping that people wouldn't be so stupid.

"Lots of my neighbours and residents in the village are elderly and this is affecting them.

"People are careless and thoughtless."

While Durdle Door car park has opened to the public, Lulworth Cove car park remains closed.

Neighbours say this is why they're experiencing an increase in parking on roads, yellow lines and in front of people's houses.

The worried resident said: "Obviously people are going outside to exercise but there are more sensible places to do it than this small village.

"It is impossible to socially distance on the path to the cove."

As it stands, residents in England are allowed to drive further afield from their homes to exercise, but – according to Government guidance – strict social distancing measures should still be maintained.

Sunbathing and picnicking is also allowed under the evolving guidelines, and you can even meet one other person from a different household outdoors.

At Easter, when stricter coronavirus lockdown measures were in force, more than 40 cars were turned away from Lulworth Cove.

According to rangers who moved them on at that time, the majority of visitors had driven from London or other cities in the south.