ECHO readers have had their say on calls to cancel the air festival for good, with the majority seemingly not happy.

Councillor Simon Bull, Green Party representative for Winton East said the continuation of the popular spectacle “does not fit inside the council’s declaration of a climate and ecological emergency”.

Although many people agreed that environmental impact of the event needed to be reviewed, readers opposed the idea on social media.

Nebila Mohamed said: “The councillor must be reminded that the air show is not a private show for him.

“He must consult with public. The airshow gave fabulous memories to so many.”

Edward Milligan added: “The air festival is a joy and great for the town.

“The effect on the environment is minimal so the reason to cancel for good is quite ridiculous and selfish.

“Roll on next year, I can’t wait.”

The cancellation of this year’s event was confirmed when the council announced it would hold no outdoor events until at least the end of August.

Some social media users supported the idea and instead suggested that an alternative festival could be a viable replacement going forward.

Paul Williams said: “Yes, I agree, way past the time to scrap this polluting nonsense, it’s the same thing year in year out and it’s deeply boring now.

“Run a proper Bournemouth festival instead actually involving the people of the town as participants instead of us all just gawping at planes.”

Kristina Flaherty added: “Yes scrap it. Bring in a free music festival on the beach.”

Organisers have already confirmed that next year’s festival will take place on the first weekend of September.

Many members of the public instead pointed towards the economic benefits of the four-day festival, as well as the fact that the aerial displays take place once a year.

“Oh for goodness sake!” said Sharon White. “It is an amazing spectacle and brings enjoyment to many people and of course it is a great revenue earner for the town.

She added: “I am sure that all of you who are complaining about pollution drive your cars every day. It is once a blinking year you numpties!”

Don Nipper Payne said: “They are entitled to their opinion, but it’s rubbish. The air show is held once a year, the income it brings into local businesses is a great deal of money.”