THESE past few weeks in lockdown have afforded us and thousands of others the chance to enjoy Meyrick Park to the full whilst golf has been suspended.

We have had families walking, playing Frisbee, sunbathing, picnics, dogs chasing balls, joggers, the sound of woodpeckers, magpies everywhere. A daily dose of exercise and vitamin D, a top up to mental and physical health. What bliss!

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All that now stops as of Wednesday, May 13, as this green jewel in the heart of Bournemouth reverted to the near exclusive use of golfers who pollute our roads as they drive to their leisurely exercise. The rights to the golf seem to belong to a private equity firm so these many green hectares under the control of our council may be looked at but not fully used by the ratepayers, unless you wish to take up golf and pay green fees.

It’s not as though there is a shortage of golf courses in the area.

As our society finally realises some of the risks of a sedentary lifestyle, would it not be wonderful if this treasure could be directed to benefit all Bournemouth residents?

There could be nature trails for children to explore, picnic areas, wild flower gardens to support the insect population, even a garden day school, plus jogging, walking and cycling paths that are not restricted, as currently, to the woody margins with the low branches and roots a danger at every turn.

We can but dream.


Branksome Wood Road, Bournemouth