ON Sunday, the prime minister announced an easing of the lockown imposed in March 23.

Boris Johnson confirmed people could, from Wednesday, exercise unlimited times a day, drive any distance and sit in parks, beaches and other beauty spots.

He also said people could meet up with one other person from outside their household, provided they met outdoors and remained two metres apart.

But what did the new measures mean for Bournemouth and were people still socially distancing?

The majority of people were keeping their distance in the town on Wednesday lunchtime.

A number of people were wearing facemasks, but the town was still eerily quiet.

A few people had taken to the beach, but majority of them were groups of two of three, seemingly family members.

Bournemouth Echo:

Joggers running down the promenade were keeping at least two metres away from people they passed.

However, for some people, the new guidance clearly had not quite registered.

Outside Tesco in the square, one boy was waiting for a group of girls.

When they arrived, he got up and said: “Hey, I haven’t seen you in ages.”

He then hugged them all.

The gardens were busy with walkers and joggers, however very few people were relaxing there, and if they were they were socially distancing.

Two of the tennis courts in central gardens were also in use which is now permitted under the new guidance.

Bournemouth Echo:

Overall, the vast majority were adhering to the new rules in state. People were keeping their distance, they were in small groups and a lot were wearing PPE.

Unfortunately, however, it seemed some were ignoring the new guidance.

Elsewhere, there was heavy traffic for Milhams recycling centre in Ferndown, which reopened on Monday.

Traffic backed up all the way to The Bear Cross on Ringwood Road as people looked to take their waste to the centre.

Bournemouth Echo:

Two members of staff were coordinating the queues, ensuring the recycling centre was not too overcrowded, and it seemed everyone was patient and understanding.

Around half a dozen cars didn’t stay in the queue and turned around, which caused little to no problems for traffic coming the other way.