IT is good that the government want to encourage cycling and walking in Poole and Bournemouth to try to reduce the near gridlock conditions caused by too many cars, and money is being provided by central government.

What our local council urgently needs to do is to make it easier to walk or cycle.

I go along the Ashley Road in Poole every day and walking is not easy trying to avoid the many cyclists weaving between the pedestrians.

For cyclists it is no better as Ashley Road is wide enough for two vehicles to pass with a cycle keeping to the left, but it is not wide enough for this with parked cars reducing the road width. At present cyclists have to push into the traffic flow to pass the parked car or cycle onto the footpath which most do.

The solution is to have no parking along the whole length of the road apart from the occasional layby. This would encourage cyclists to keep off the pavement or what Americans correctly call the sidewalk and the Ashley Road is served by several car parks which I have never seen full. If this works it could be adapted for other busy roads.

I fear our local council will grab any money from central government and produce cycle routes in quiet areas such as Broadstone or Merley when what is needed is action in our congested areas like Upper Parkstone, Winton and Charminster, and the congestion is caused by too many cars and especially parked cars.


Farcroft Road, Poole