A MUSICIAN from Christchurch who runs a range of choirs and music groups has compiled a video thanking the dedication of keyworkers during the current coronavirus outbreak

Caroline Moss, who runs the Choir Engine and junior choirs and the Priory and Grange School in Christchurch, as well as a ukulele club has collected videos of choir members singing True Colour by Cyndi Lauper in appreciation for the handwork of NHS staff and other frontline workers.

The video, which includes around 40 contributors, has since been viewed over 2,500 times on social media.

Caroline said: “Because I have had to cancel my weekly meetings, I wanted to bring the members of the music groups together to do one big thank you for keyworkers.

“Each person recorded their own lines or contributions and I patched them all together and put photos along to the video.

“The most important we wanted to get across was how grateful we were to all the keyworkers still working to help others and keep the country running.”

Having now done her first video, Caroline plans on compiling more videos in celebration of the ongoing commitments of frontline workers and provide them with some encouragement.

Since the lockdown, Caroline has transferred all of her lessons onto video conference application Zoom and has actually seen an increase in members to her free choir groups, with people from Guildford and Ireland taking part.

She added: “There are a massive range of voices and that is something I wanted to capture that and highlight it with the photos of the participants used in the video.

“I have been spurred on by the comments I have received from family members of our members. Also, there are a few retirement homes we usually perform at and we sent the video over to them and they all said how uplifting it was.

“The thing about the community choir is that some of the member do live by themselves and are incredibly lonely at the moment so the ability to see friends and carry on singing is so important to them.”

Once the lockdown restriction have been lifted, Caroline is planning on hosting a concert to celebrate and show off all the music that has been learnt and practiced during lockdown.

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