A 91-YEAR-OLD man who drove the wrong way down the fast lane of a dual carriageway has surrendered his licence.

Police were alerted after a Honda Jazz was captured on dashcam on the wrong side of the A30 near Sherborne at 4.30pm on April 27.

A spokesman for the Dorset Police No Excuse team said: "We thank them for making us aware of this incident. As the picture shows this could have ended differently, we are very pleased this did not result in a collision.

"We are also grateful the road was quieter than usual at this time due to the current situation. The 91 year old gent and his family have since been sympathetically spoken to by our team.

"He has made the decision to voluntarily sign over his driving licence to us."

The spokesman said the licence will be returned to DVLA and inquiries will be carried out.

"It's never a pleasant experience accepting a driving licence of an elderly person.We wish him all the best. He has all the relevant safeguarding elements in place with his family and neighbours."