A SECOND super yacht is now moored up at Poole Quay – the £92 million Elandess.

This luxury charter vessel, which has a crew of 24 and six cabins for up to a dozen guests, is reportedly owned by the multi-millionaire Lloyd Dorfman, founder of London-based currency exchange company Travelex.

With a top speed of 14 knots and a large swimming pool on the sun deck, the 244-ft long yacht has been turning heads on the quayside.

Poole resident Michael Bevan said: "She is quite the sight, not a bad place to be holding up during all this coronavirus worry."

While there are not thought to be any guests currently on the vessel, some crew members, who are remaining on board to protect the local community, appeared to be working on the yacht yesterday.

Elandess joins the 272-ft motor yacht, Here Comes the Sun, on the quay, which – complete with helipad and cinema – has a price tag in excess of £100million.

And the pair may well be joined by three more super yachts in the coming weeks.

Last month Poole Harbour Commissioners confirmed four more off charter super yachts would soon be mooring up as well.

These yachts are sailing to the Dorset port because the coronavirus pandemic has effectively scuppered the charter market for the foreseeable future, leaving many vessels needing somewhere safe to berth until the market returns.

The vessels coming to Poole have been as sea for a couple of weeks, only stopping to refuel.

PHP hopes this factor, coupled with the measures being put in place, should reassure residents the vessels do not pose any health risk to the local community

Harbour master Brian Murphy said: "We want to assure members of the public that we are adhering to strict rules and guidelines."

Regulations ensure all crew members are fit and healthy before the yachts enter the harbour.

"Once here they will remain on board to protect the local community as well as themselves," said Mr Murphy. "They should have plenty of supplies on board, if not they will be provided by their normal specialist suppliers, therefore will have no impact on the availability of goods in the local area."