Technology giant Apple have introduced a new feature to allow users to unlock their iPhones without removing a face mask.

The move comes amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, with the use of face masks rising around the world.

Previously, those wearing a mask weren't able to use the Face ID feature to access their phones.

What have Apple done?

The California-based company have rolled out a new iOS update which allows iPhones to detect whether or not the user is wearing a mask.

Those wearing a protective mask will be able to succesfully login in without the need to take it off.

How does Face ID work?

The feature works by using a mix of light projectors and sensors to take several images of the users facial features to build a 'detailed depth map of your face' in order to recognise you.

When was Face ID first introduced?

Apple brought in the feature in 2017 with the iPhone X model, allowing users to unlock their devices by looking at it, rather than needing a fingerprint or a passcode.

How can I upgrade my phone to get this feature?

Those with an iPhone X model or higher should go to the 'Settings' section of their phone, then click 'General', then tap 'Software Update' to check for updates.