SEVEN staff members at the former Bournemouth Borough Council had salaries over £100,000 in 2018/19, the annual Taxpayer’s Alliance report has shown.

The managing director of the council, Jane Portman, had a salary of £139,000, compensation of £117,000 and a pension of 20,000 taking the total to £276,000.

The director of adults and children, Sue Ross, had a salary of £118,000 and a pension of £18,000, making a total of £136,000.

Bill Cotton, the executive director, earned £110,000 from his salary and combined with £17,000 from his pension earned £127,000.

Service director Tanya Coulter had a salary of £104,000 and earned a pension of £16,000.

The three other roles that earned over £100,000 were “undisclosed” on the report, however one of the roles had a salary of £132,500.

The chief executive of Dorset Council was one of the highest earners in the country in that calendar year.

According to the report, they had a salary of £278,000. His pension equated to £34,000 making a total of £302,000.

The corporate director of public health at Dorset Council, Sam Crowe, was on a salary of £123,000.

Combined with a 28,000 salary, Mr Crowe earned £151,000, however this was jointly funded with Bournemouth and Poole councils.

The highest earner in the Poole Borough Council was an undisclosed role, on a salary of £197,500.

The chief executive of Poole Council, Andrew Flockhart, was on a salary of £127,196.

Mr Flockhart also earned compensation of £69,604 and had a pension of £20,606 taking his overall total to £217,406.

The strategic director of people for Poole Council, Jan Thurgood, earned a total of £121,066, while the strategic director for corporate services had a wage of £118,664.

The highest earners in the Christchurch Borough Council were the strategic directors for finance and growth and economy.

Both roles were on a wage of £94,686, the director for finance earned £1,252 which was put under ‘other’, both roles had the same pension of £14,392. Their jobs were in joint employment with the East Dorset council.

Nationally, at least 2,667 people employed by local authorities in 2018/19 received more than £100,000, an increase of 226 on the previous year.

667 received over £150,000, 60 more than the previous year.