THE owner of a food company is donating tens of thousands of food parcels to hospitals to feed NHS staff battling against the coronavirus.

Damien Lee, who lives on the Eastcliff, is the owner of Mr Lee’s Noodles who are currently expanding globally with businesses in America.

Mr Lee is also currently going through chemotherapy for his fourth cancer diagnosis.

He has had 75 treatments with additional operations.

However, his chemotherapy has been scaled back, reducing his time at hospital so there is less chance of contracting coronavirus, but this means the post-treatment outcome will be diminished by 10 to 20 per cent.

Mr Lee said: “What is important for myself and the team is we need to understand what is going on in the world right now.

“We are supporting the NHS, some of them are staying in hospital over night, or doing back-to-back shifts because they are so short staffed.

“We are supporting seven or eight hospitals at the moment. We are on the way to sending 10,000 food parcels and that will continue.

“They have been great for me. Everyone who is in a position influence should reach out and do their little bit. The quicker we help the NHS get on top of this situation, the quicker we can get our old lives back.”

Mr Lee’s Noodles is also donating a box to an NHS worker for every order from a customer.

Mr Lee, who used to have five days of chemotherapy, has had his treatment scaled back to a three hour visit to have his chemotherapy topped up.

However, despite all he and the world is currently going through, he is focussing on the positives and spending time with his fiance and two sons.

He said: “I am too busy for cancer. I have always focussed on the positives,.

“If I dwell on the cancer I will start to feel like I have cancer.

“80 per cent of the battle is up in your head and how you deal with it.

“Challenging the unhealthy noodle industry is what excites me, it gets me up in the morning.

“Even when I am getting treatment I just relish it.”