ANIMAL rescue centre Margaret Green Animal Rescue rehomes cats, dogs, farm and small animals.

Spyro (now Binksy) a 10-month-old Lurcher arrived at Lincoln Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre as a stray, showing signs of a skin infection and requiring medicated baths and antibiotics.

Bournemouth Echo:

His sweet and affectionate personality shone through and before long he found a forever family to love.

His new owners said: "Binksy has been having lots of fun with his toys and walks, as well as finding the sofa very comfy.

"All is going well and he’s a very cuddly loving and lovely boy, a little cheeky at times and curious about everything but that just adds to his character.

Bournemouth Echo:

"We are hoping to start puppy training soon so that he has more socialisation with other dogs and we can polish up on command training.

"We have had some naughty puppy moments with him, such as stealing various things and running off with them, which is par for the course but all-in-all he seems to be settling well."