A BUILDING company based in Ringwood has donated over 600 pieces of personal protective equipment to help during the coronavirus outbreak.

Banbury Builders, a specialist building contractors, has donated facemasks through a Hampshire-wide campaign lead by Hampshire Fire & Rescue.

Managing director of Banbury Builders, Paul Lucas, said: “I run a building company, we do mostly MoD or government work.

“I said to my guys to look in all the different stores and they have managed to conjure up 600 masks.

“We have had to keep back a certain amount but there is around 600 we can offer, whether it be to the NHS or other services.”

Mr Lucas said the New Forest District Council had been in touch informing him that Hampshire Fire were handling the initiative and he had also contacting someone at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital and a care home.

The 47-year-old said he would deliver the PPE on Monday.

“I think it is very important,” he continued.

“The bottom line is we can see what’s going on.

“I don’t level any criticism at any department, whether it be the government, this has taken the world by storm, it is unprecedented times.

“If I can save one life it’s goo. Whether it be a mother or father.”

He added: “I don’t need to know the results. This is not a flag-waving exercise, I am just happy to help.

“If it encourages other companies to do the same it is a good thing.”

Temporary superintendent George White of Hampshire Constabulary, chair of the Hampshire tactical coordinating group, said: "Partners across Hampshire are working together to provide a coordinated response to Covid-19.

"We continue to future plan to ensure Hampshire continues to have enough personal protective equipment to protect the key workers such as emergency services, social care workers, care workers and other front-line staff who are delivering much needed services on a daily basis.

"We are asking for donations from businesses should they have any spare stock available to share. While there are stocks currently available, it is not known how long the current crisis will remain and it is sensible to plan now for the future to enable us to continue to safely support our communities during this difficult time."