SEVERAL slow-moving, mysterious bright lights were seen travelling across Dorset towards the New Forest on March 29.

Around 80 moving lights were spotted, the majority of which were travelling in a straight line one after the other.

The lights were first seen at 8:46pm in Poole by couple Brian and Heather Camfield.

The pair had stepped outside to watch the International Space Station go overhead and noticed something nearby travelling at a slow speed.

Brian explained: "The lights were travelling at a slow pace and we saw about 19 of them before we went inside. We thought it might have been a string of satellites. We are totally mystified."

The pair also considered the light being a repatriation plane, but dismissed that idea once more lights appeared.

Heather said: "It was really, really spooky."

"We thought, 'This is it, the UFOs are coming now,'" added Brian.

The mysterious lights were seen above Christchurch a mere few minutes later.

Stacey Sprason and her family witnessed the slow-moving, consistent lights around 9pm.

She said: "I love the stars - I'm always looking up. This was when I saw the lights. There was about 80 of them in total and they just kept coming.

"At first I thought they were police drones, but there were way too many of them. The lights were about plane height, bright and low. It was really weird how all the lights were in one dead straight line."

There were also sightings across Hampshire, posing the question of whether these mysterious lights were seen elsewhere across the UK.