A DESIGN and digital agency took just three days to create a website pulling together information to help people during the coronavirus outbreak.

Poole-based Salad created Dorset Hub as a way of pulling together offers of support and solidarity that were scattered around websites and Facebook pages.

The platform showcases companies and individuals who are supporting the community.

Arabella Lewis-Smith, Salad’s founder and managing director said: “We’ve found comfort in our shared values, empathy and resilience, during this precarious time, which encouraged us to ask, ‘How can we use our expertise and experience to help with the problems we’re all facing?’

“We gave ourselves a three-day turnaround to deliver the Dorset Hub website and I am so proud of the team who have really pulled together to deliver this so quickly. We really hope it makes and difference.”

Salad has helped several clients bring their previous offering online and has developed the ability to deliver a simple e-commerce website within days.

As a phase two of its plan, it is considering adding a section devoted to bringing together offers of business support.