BOURNEMOUTH resident Stephanie Kidd has returned from Peru following her travel nightmares caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Stephanie had been travelling across South America four months prior to being stuck in Peru for two weeks.

Her original return date was May 20, but with Peru declaring a national state of emergency on March 15, Stephanie's trip was cut short and she went into quarantine for two weeks.

She said: "The UK government were really good in the end. I was emailed at 8pm by them one evening then the next morning I was on a flight from Cusco to Lima. We landed in Lima at a military base where we were put straight on a new flight to Heathrow with no boarding pass.

"It was all a bit chaotic, but everyone was organised."

Despite having to endure two weeks of quarantine in a hostel in Peru, Stephanie managed to keep herself busy with her fellow travellers.

Stephanie explained: "I did an online TEFL course and we baked, watched Netflix and did some exercise. Some days were boring but it could have been worse."

Stephanie arrived back on UK soil on March 30 and was "really happy to be coming home."

She said: "South America was probably one of the safest places to be, everything was in lockdown in the space of a day.

"In the end, communication from the UK government was good but at the beginning there was none. However these things do take time."

Now having spent a few days in isolation in the UK, Stephanie has noticed the different measures between the two countries.

She explained: "Peru has a curfew. You can't go out at all after 5pm. You're not allowed out for exercise either, only for food supplies or medicine."

Now back in her home town, Stephanie has no future travelling plans but hopes to continue her travels in South America in the near future.