I VERY much hope when this pandemic subsides, hopefully in the summer as rising temperatures destroy the virus, our value system in our country, and world, is changed for all time. That we irrevocably put the highest value on those who are working so hard throughout the country to keep our country going.

We know now, with no doubts, those who are the most valuable in our society. All those working in frontline and supply chains keeping our stores and supermarkets stocked with food and essential products. All the hundreds of thousands who for many are on “zero hours contracts” along with “minimum wage” incomes.

How outrageous that so many are so devalued. It’s taken a global pandemic for all of us to begin to realise how dependent we are on these hard-working people, taken so easily for granted.

And the same for all the postmen and postwomen, truck drivers, local authority cleansing staff, refuse collectors, prison staff, our police on the front line, our social and care workers, all those in administration behind the scenes, and communications companies, along with our farmers, teachers, and journalists, and of course our doctors, nurses, and support staff.

I am so proud to live in a country with so many outstanding people working so hard taking care of us all.

And that said I could not more deplore and condemn all those in the hedge funds in the City short-selling profiteering, playing the markets, at this time of all times, for personal profits. Betting against the companies that will fail, throwing millions out of work.

So predatory. So parasitic. Massively draining sinkholes in our country. Sinkholes of indifference to the welfare of other people.

Our country is not a roulette wheel. We are a country of decent hard-working people. The highest value now to those who do the most valuable work and put an end once and for all to those who take out so much, put nothing back in.

Society exists. Living and breathing in our towns and cities. Thank you to so many working so hard.


Jubilee Road, Parkstone