ON MONDAY prime minister Boris Johnson announced the country would be put on lockdown for three weeks to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Since then, people have been adapting to having more time on their hands and also home schooling their children.

People are only allowed out the house now if they are shopping for essentials like food, collecting medicine, getting one bit of exercise a day or travelling to and from work when it is absolutely necessary.

Here’s how the people of Bournemouth have adapted to these strict measures.

Kathryn Williams said: “Trying to do my usual job with my 7-year-old at home is proving very tricky! I do the admin for a national cleaning company, so we are busier than ever with specialist cleans.

“We are winging it most days with regards to learning time. No schedule and just doing what we can around me working.

“I have lost all my self-employed work so waiting with bated breath for what help will be available. Hope everyone else is getting through OK.”

On Thursday, chancellor Rishi Sunak said self-employed workers will be able to claim support worth 80 per cent of their average monthly profits in an “unprecedented” move to cover the impact of coronavirus.

Ibbs Hass said: “Been using modern day technology stuff to keep in touch with our choir.

“Had a video conference last night which was brilliant, and we’ll be doing that every week on our usual rehearsal evening.”

Linda Cable added: “Because we thought we would have to isolate at some point, we planned ahead and bought paint to do the hall and the living room. We’re also crafters so we have lots of things to do! No time to get bored. We go for a walk in the evening when there’s not many people about too.”

Emily Neagle said: “All good here! I’m a music teacher and have been teaching students via zoom online which has been really good so far.

“Nice to see my pupils, and it’s good for them to have something to concentrate on at home.”

Jennifer Campbell-Ross said she had used the newly found spare time to clean her patio.

However it ended in a water fight with her and her family but she said the days are going by more quickly now.

Mamamoomin Chikaboo said she has been home schooling her sons while staying in touch with school.