THE business community in Bournemouth town centre has wasted no time in pulling together, adapting to fast moving and unprecedented challenges and working hard on mutual support and encouragement.

The Town Centre BID (Business Improvement District) has set up a partnership with the Echo to publicise local businesses that have switched to deliveries and takeaway services.

A rolling list of all those involved is appearing in print and online to make as many potential customers as possible aware of what’s on offer.

Meanwhile the Town Centre BID is also sponsoring the urgent services of HR specialists Peninsula to offer assistance now for levy payers struggling with decisions they may need make.

Peninsula is the UK’s largest employment law and health and safety consultancy.

Free initial advice for Bournemouth Town Centre BID levy payers is available by calling 07875 577815.

The company can help with issues including: short term lay-off and temporary redundancy, reduction of hours, changes to contractual terms, reduction in wages or rates of pay, staff reduction and other issues.

There is also some welcome news on business tenancies.

The government has made provision for a three month moratorium on the ability of landlords of commercial properties to exercise any right of forfeiture they have due to the non-payment of rent by tenants.

This will provide some valuable breathing space but it is not a rental holiday. The provision delays the right of forfeiture, it does not impinge on a landlord’s right to claim forfeiture or recover rent at the end of that period.

If you are having problems paying the rent we strongly advise you to get in touch with your landlord(s) immediately.

Don't waste any time as this will affect your ability to pay your bills and continue trading.

Also of interest in our area is a scheme in which hospitality workers can now apply for a one-off grant of £250.

To apply you must working within the hospitality industry or have worked in the industry in the last month.

Applicants will need a full month’s bank statement and evidence from your employer that your job has ended or hours have been reduced.


To help you keep in touch with all the initiatives underway in the Covid-19 crisis, the government has set up a site with all the relevant information.


For the next few weeks, this column will appear in the Echo in print and online to help us keep in touch with you and share as much useful information as we get through this difficult time.

Paul Kinvig

Chief Operating Officer

Bournemouth Town Centre BID