ANIMALS in need are receiving urgent aid parcels full of supplies across the globe, thanks to the work of a vet nurse.

Lulu Peddle, from Worldwide Veterinary Service in Cranborne, Dorset, is using the service's global network to ensure supplies are sent to furry friends.

On Thursday, Lulu packaged up almost 50 kilograms of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pain relief to send to Italy, in response to an urgent request from local charities to help them treat animals in their care during the pandemic.

Lulu, who lives in Fordingbridge, has been a vet nurse for over 13 years, working first in practice and now for the international animal welfare charity Worldwide Veterinary Service.

She said: “Along with the rest of the world, we’ve been shocked to witness the spread and impact of Covid-19 and our hearts go out to all those affected.

"There are still many animals in need being cared for by brave charities around the world who are requesting our help. It is vital that we continue to support them in any way that is safe to do so.”

Worldwide Veterinary Service has been sending aid parcels around the world since they were formed in 2003 - including sending shipments to war zones.

Dr Luke Gamble, who set up the charity, said: “The sweeping travel restrictions mean that it's harder for our amazing veterinary teams to directly support animals in places where veterinary resource is already lacking.

"Thankfully, the global supply network is still operating; meaning that we can strive to increase sending essential medical supplies to people caring for animals with increasingly limited provisions.

He added: “Now more than ever, it's crucial we keep urgent veterinary aid shipments flowing.

"We appreciate these are unsettling times and many of us are facing challenges of our own, but we’re asking those who can afford to contribute to our fundraiser to give whatever they can, so that even more life-saving parcels can be sent.”

The service sends over one thousand parcels every year, with supplies valued at over £268,000.

The charity has launched a crowdfunding appeal, which sets out to use all donations to ensure that urgent veterinary supplies can be sent where they are needed most.

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