THE THREE Tuns Inn, Bransgore held their last hurrah before closing their doors due to coronavirus.

On March 21, The Three Tuns hosted a Civil Ceremony Wedding, despite closing the previous evening.

This socially distanced event saw Terry and Elaine be wed in The Three Tuns' Vintage Barn in the afternoon of March 21.

With the new government restrictions put in place the evening prior to Terry and Elaine's big day, the guestlist went down to 13 from 39 and questions were asked as to whether the ceremony would go ahead.

Landlord of The Three Tuns Inn, Nigel Glenister said: "Terry and Elaine were devastated to learn we would be closed. However, the local registrars (who I have to say were brilliant) agreed to continue with the service subject to distancing agreements."

Despite new restrictions in place and less guests in attendance, planning an enjoyable wedding was still feasible.

Wedding co-ordinator Rebekah Cummings rearranged the space to ensure social distancing was maintained, limiting staff and guest contact.

Following the ceremony, tea and wedding cake was served to the happy couple and guests.

Terry and Elaine also requested that The Three Tuns Inn provide 39 delicious takeaway meals, prepared by Head Chef Colin Nash.

Nigel explained: "Terry and Elaine packed all the meals up and delivered them to a local care home to distribute them amongst the residents.

"This was an incredible thing to do given the current climate. In all my years as a landlord I have never seen such a generous donation on what was their special day."