SPRINKLES in Poole has been forced to close prompting an angry reaction from the company’s business development manager.

A note was left on the door of the eatery in the Dolphin Shopping Centre which read: “Please be advised that this morning the locks to these premises have been changed.

“For further details please request your solicitor to contact the landlords solicitors.”

However, Sprinkles' business development manager, Rashidul Islam described this as “unfair and unethical”.

Mr Islam said: “I think it is disgusting. About eight or nine months ago the franchise owner ran into trouble.

“He found himself a partner to buy the place. Since then they have been trying to negotiate a lease with the landlords.

“They offered him a tenancy at will which means they can terminate it at any point in time.

“On Friday, their solicitors emailed saying ‘we are going to close the shop from tomorrow’. How is that fair?”

Mr Islam added that the solicitors did not give the franchise owner any time and up to ten people’s jobs were at risk.

“The decision is immoral and unethical,” he continued.

“They have jeopardised our brand and people’s livelihoods.

“He (the owner) will be looking for another premises round Poole. He has tried to negotiate.

“I don’t understand it. You would expect them to be more sympathetic.”

A spokesperson for the Dolphin Shopping Centre Legal and General team said: “Legal and General’s priority is always to provide support and assistance to our retailers in any way we can, and we supported Sprinkles Gelato throughout their tenancy at the centre.

“Sadly, this tenancy came to an end in March, and a new tenant will open in due course. We are hopeful that former Sprinkles staff can be employed by the new tenant once they arrive.”