OVER the weekend, you may have spotted many colourful rainbow drawings in the windows of people's houses.

This positive idea spread quickly on social media, encouraging youngsters to pick up some pens and pencils to let their creative juices flow and brighten people's days.

Drawing rainbows can help the younger members of the family do something fun while they stay at home to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

One young girl decided to spread the joy of the rainbow with Dorset Police, asking them to display her drawing in one of their police cars.

Rainbows of any size, design, or artistic ability are encouraged to be displayed on a window, whether that be in your house or on a police car.

If you are planning to go out on a walk in search of some rainbows, remember to stick to the latest guidelines of being two metres apart from anyone else out on a stroll.

We would love to see your rainbow designs, so please share them with us.

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Rainbow drawings

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