IT HAS been a busy few years since Jax Jones had his first hit collaborating with Duke Dumont on 2014’s I Got U.

Since then he has been a busy man perfecting his craft, building a following and having hits across Europe. He has worked with the likes of Years & Years, Demi Lovato and countless others exploring any number of genres before focussing his talents on house music.

The gig at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth saw him centre stage behind a raised DJ set up, surrounded by lights and backed by a rear projection screen.

The sound was spot on, as were the lighting and other effects during the evening – the production crew must have bought up a huge stash of CO2 as every tune was accompanied by streams of the stuff creating a real club atmosphere in the venue.

The crowd was a real mix of teenagers and early twenties along with a reasonable amount of slightly older clubbers who still remember the glory days of house in the nineties.

Regardless of age, the entire crowd were determined to have a Friday night out to remember and Jax Jones was just the person to give it to them. The ground floor was rammed with dancers who made the whole venue vibrate with energy.

The support acts and the main set from Jax kept the beat going throughout the night and although the main set was only 70 minutes long it was not short on hits.

All in all this was a short but sweet night out for all the clubbers out there both young and old.