SOME Bournemouth businesses were reporting a 90 per cent drop in footfall as national figures for the coronavirus reached 1,140.

Alan Rowett is the owner of The Vault, an independent record store based in Old Christchurch Road for the last three-years.

With four confirmed cases of the virus in the BCP Council area, Mr Rowett said the past week had been awful for business.

Record Store Day, which draws together fans, artists and thousands of independent record stores across the world, has been postponed until June 20 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Rowett describes the event, originally scheduled for April 18, as better than Christmas and a lifeline for business.

He said of the virus: "It's [coronavirus] really hit us hard. Footfall has been down 80 to 90 per cent.

"The shop is normally packed on Saturday but up until 12noon we have had two people in.

"The town should be packed and it's not. I see people walk by and there has been a real big downturn. It's very strange."

Shijas Mohammad the manager of gift and souvenir shop One Customize, also in Old Christchurch Road, voiced similar concerns.

He added: "Fewer people are coming in. Especially tourists. It has been quiet for the last couple of weeks. Normally at this time, it would be busy. I am worried."

Despite concerns from business figures, shoppers in the town centre seemed unfazed by the global health crisis.

One shopper who wished to remain unnamed said: "I think the situation has been hyped up far too much by TV and social media.

"I am not doing anything differently. I already wash my hands.

"When you go to the shops it's ridiculous you can't get what you want.

"Someone gave me a dirty look when I coughed in a shop earlier so I left.

"However, I think there are fewer cars on the roads."

Another added: "I will do what I can to stop spreading the virus, like washing my hands.

"But, it's just the flu. I won't let it stop me living my life."