I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with what Guy Mathews is saying about Christchurch High Street. Sometimes its easy to look at the negative in people and places.

I did write a letter about Christchurch a few weeks ago asking BCP to help, like Guy Mathews.

We do live in a wonderful part of Dorset. Close to the countryside and the sea. Let’s please turn our help to the shops that are struggling and make it a busier place.

Who knows what will happen? Someone out there at BCP or landlords may think not so much about rents and rates in the short term but have a little compassion and get people off the ground to a head start opening/continuing with shops.

We are so many here and in the light of building yet more homes we need to encourage more people to see thriving, not empty, shops.

In the days of a butchers for meat, a greengrocer for vegetables etc you didn;t get despondency.

We have the town, let;s try to be united and support it. Difficult? Yes, I know, I feel the same. I have to try, don’t I? Not just for me but all of you.

By being optimistic it could help. We care. I care.


Fairmile Road, Christchurch