WHILST BCP cabinet councillors are telling us one and all that BCP council is strongly committed to clean renewable energy sources, the truth is that to date there is not one active policy in the conurbation to reduce carbon outputs.

Council leader, Cllr Slade, in particular, told us in the Echo Feb 25 that she was in 2015 "hugely in favour of Navitus Bay".

If she was she certainly kept very quiet about it. In 2015 elections she spoke about the "the biggest crisis facing mankind", but not one public word on record supporting Navitus.

And so it is the truth now comes out and our council leader tells us Feb 25 "our priority would be solar rather than wind". Adding with regard to Navitus plans, "the government should move first".

On the point of solar, wind power out-powers solar by factors of thousands to one.

The UK is swept with trillions of mega watts of wind power day in day out, year on year.

With our shallow continental shelf there is no location in Europe better for wind power.

And as for "the government should move first", the government has moved, enormously, Boris Johnson has called for "quadrupling of offshore wind", the Department for Energy has in recent weeks swept away the blanket bans on onshore, and have opened up competitive tendering.

Commitment could not be more positive.

The need now is for BCP Council leadership to lobby ministers with a view to getting the offshore wind farm into current Round 4 Crown Estate lease bidding.

It is of no value councillors expressing the horrors of escalating climate change, declaring "climate emergency", if we do not take action on the one issue which will then make enormous difference for decades to come.

The offshore wind farm will produce 900 Mega Watts a year.

A hundred such farms around UK and we are well on our way to powering the whole of the UK with clean sustainable energy. It is our only realistic option.


Jubilee Road, Poole