THE government have announced that their proposed trade deal with the US could benefit the UK economy by £3.4billion, which represents a paltry 0.16 per cent of GDP. Hardly the great trade deal that was presented as one of the great benefits of Brexit.

At the same time the current government are remarkably coy about the benefits of our proposed free trade agreement (FTA) with the EU and have published no figures. Could this be because previously released figures showed a negative impact of at least 4.7 per cent to GDP for the FTA now being sought?

Still Brexit wasn’t just about the economy it’s also about sovereignty and taking back decisions on things like labour and environmental rules from the EU. Yet in the mandate for the US talks it states there will be “appropriate mechanisms for dispute settlement of environment and labour provisions”. Lets hope the EU don’t find out.

Anyway at least we’ll no longer have to worry about unelected bureaucrats. And yet we have Dominic Cummings apparently having free range across government and David Frost as chief negotiator with the EU, neither elected, or even civil servants so unaccountable to Parliament or select committees.

Anyone get the impression we’ve been sold a pup? At least we’re getting blue passports.


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