IN the five weeks of the general election, November 6 to December 12, Boris Johnson made over 60 visits to different constituencies across the country. In particular blitzing dozens of heartland Brexit supporting Labour seats, from South Wales to Grimsby to Sunderland.

And now, two months after elections, large areas of the country, particularly on the Welsh borders, saturated with flooding, people in their thousands driven out of their homes in deepest despair, and Boris Johnson is nowhere to be seen.

What an outrage. How could it show more clearly this showman politician’s feigned interest in British people is one hundred percent superficial. All the more so in areas of deprivation where flooding is happening. If it was well-heeled Surrey on the banks of the Thames it would be a very different story.

And this lack of moral support in the face of householders not only being driven out of their homes but knowing all too fearfully, with increasing extreme weather, what has happened will happen again.

Homes then becoming uninsurable, and unsellable. People in the impossible situation they cannot live in their home, nor can they sell-up and move.

A terrible situation yet our Prime Minister refuses week after week to show any solidarity and turn up in areas for people to know, first hand, government at the highest level, understands the situation.

And the bitterest irony in this, we are told government is not a “one man show”. Really, you could not make it up. The all time showman politician in British history and now, when matter could not be more serious for so many, Boris no longer wants to be the one-man show.


Bournemouth Road, Poole