BUSY week? Here's our quick and easy guide to the top five business stories you might have missed.


1. The spread of the coronavirus is starting to have an impact on Dorset businesses, as concerns rise about the effect on the supply chain.


Bournemouth Echo: DEAL: Meggitt

2. One firm warning about the effects the virus could have was Meggitt PLC, which said the grounding of Boeing's 737 Max fleet was another factor that could hit its sales.


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3. What makes an employer a good one? We reported on the league table of the best companies and non-profits to work for.


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4. The guarantor lending business Amigo saw profits fall as it set aside more money for dealing with complaints.


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5. And should there be a national campaign to abolish business rates? With plans being laid to close all Beales branches, one businessman says the system is "scandalous".