ANOTHER Dorset school has been taking “precautionary measures” after students and staff returned from half-term trips to Italy.

The Daily Echo received reports that a teacher from Queen Elizabeth’s School in Wimborne had self-isolated after returning from the infected part of Italy.

The school confirmed that three teachers have self-isolated, as well as a “small number” of students.

A spokesperson for the school said: “QE School has followed government and Public Health England guidance and put in a number of precautionary measures for students and staff who returned from northern Italy in half term.

“We can confirm that two teachers who travelled to a restricted zone in Italy on a private holiday put themselves into self-isolation. They are still in self-isolation and neither has displayed any symptoms.

“Another teacher who travelled to northern Italy but outside of the restricted zone for a holiday in half-term is, as a precaution, in self-isolation as they have displayed cold-like symptoms.

“We also had a party of 27 students and three staff travel to Pampaego in northern Italy for a ski trip in half term, but this was outside of a restricted zone.

“A small number of these students have developed cold-like symptoms and are in self-isolation as a precaution. None of the staff from the school trip are in self isolation.

Parents of all students on the school trip have been contacted and asked to follow the government advice.

Reports were also received that a member of staff working in Dorothy Perkins in Castlepoint had returned from Italy and been tested for the coronavirus.

A spokesperson for fashion retailer said: “We can confirm that although our member of staff has indeed returned from Italy recently, they have been given an official clear bill of health.”

As reported, a number of schools have had pupils in self-isolation and tested for the coronavirus.

These included St Aldhem’s Academy, Broadstone Middle School, Corfe Hills and Jewell Academy.

Ballard School have confirmed the student they tested has been given the all-clear.

The headteacher of Milford-on-Sea primary, Kate Crawford, decided to stay at home after returning from Italy as a precaution.