ONE of Dorset's most prolific drug drivers has been spared a prison sentence – despite being caught drugged up at the wheel four times in just over two months.

Ryan Velkoop, of Cynthia Road in Poole, was repeatedly caught by traffic officers in his Ford Focus last summer after taking class As.

The 26-year-old appeared at Poole Magistrates' Court this month to admit a slew of offences.

But despite the number of crimes he'd committed, magistrates decided not to send him to prison straight away.

Velkoop was first arrested on June 9 in Bennett Road, Bournemouth. He had 21 micrograms of cocaine per litre of his blood, as well as 800 micrograms of cocaine derivative benzoylecgonine.

The limits are ten micrograms and 50 micrograms respectively.

On July 6, he was caught driving in Sterte Road, Poole with 64 micrograms of cocaine and 800 micrograms of benzoylecgonine per litre of blood.

At the end of that month, of July 28, he was caught again in Dorchester Road, Upton with not less than 109 micrograms of benzoylecgonine in his blood.

Finally, on August 20, he was arrested in Sea View Road, Poole, with 32 micrograms of cocaine per litre of blood.

In total, Velkoop admitted six counts of drug driving, as well as two counts of theft.

He stole alcohol from Waitrose in Wimborne Road, Bournemouth, and frozen prawns worth £42.50 from the Co-op in Blandford Road, Poole.

The defendant was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison. However, magistrates decided to suspend the sentence for a year.

He was also banned from the roads for three years and ordered to pay costs and a surcharge.

Inspector Joe Pardey, of Dorset Police's traffic unit, said: “Drug driving is a serious and dangerous issue which can result in people being seriously injured and killed on our roads.

“Our efforts to reduce drug driving in Dorset have included high visibility patrols, road checks and pro-active targeting of drug drivers based on intelligence gained under the Operation Dragoon initiative.

“The purpose of Operation Dragoon is to ensure that individuals are identified as early as possible, with positive, persistent and proportionate action taken to prevent them causing harm on our roads.

“We will proactively target individuals who are disqualified as part of Operation Dragoon, especially those who show a clear disregard for the law.

“Our message is strong.

"If you are caught driving while disqualified, you may face a potential custodial sentence and have your vehicle seized.

“This case demonstrates how we are committed in catching and convicting drivers such as Velkoop who continually flout the drug driving laws.

“If you believe someone is driving while under the influence of drugs, please contact Dorset Police on 999 or Crimestoppers.”