I COULD not be more pleased to read in the Echo that leading councillors in cabinet welcome the reopening of plans to put in an offshore wind farm, offshore Dorset.

Well said Cllr Simon Bull, council leader Cllr Vikki Slade, and former Conservative councillor for 25 years Cllr David Smith.

And all the more encouraging, prime minister Boris Johnson calling for “massive increase in offshore wind power”, government stated target to “quadruple offshore wind”.

And better again the unit price of offshore wind falling by 33 per cent in the past five years with the UK leading the world in turbine production and offshore installation. Great positive news for our great maritime history.

As said in Crown Estates and many publications: “The United Kingdom is one of the best locations for wind power in the world and is considered to be the best in Europe.”

As for Cllr Mike Green’s comments on impact on tourism, there is no national or international evidence, nor any credible reason in any known way, why or how an offshore wind farm, several miles out at see, could possibly “impact” shore-side businesses.

The evidence for entirely positive outcomes could not be clearer in the case of Rampion offshore wind farm, running now for three years offshore Brighton. No problems whatsoever, with school and tourist boat trips running out to the turbines throughout the summer.

With 20 offshore wind farms around UK, we are making progress. With 100 in coming years, aggregate output will make huge contributions to national clean energy. With 300 offshore farms, by 2050, we will be powering the whole of the United Kingdom 24/7. And that including providing the clean power for mass transport electric cars and electric trolley buses.

That surely is the vision for the future, mass offshore generation, clean sustainable energy 24/7, powering the country.


Jubilee Road, Parkstone