FEARS have grown in Dorset surrounding the coronavirus as schools start following government guidance to maintain the situation. Here’s what we know so far.

Firstly, two Poole schools, whose pupils returned from a half-term trip to northern Italy, contacted parents to relieve coronavirus concerns.

Students from Poole Grammar School and St Aldhem’s were on skiing trips in Italy but were at least 100 miles away from the locked-down area.

Head teachers from both schools confirmed no pupils had shown any symptoms.

Then, two pupils from Corfe Hills School in Broadstone were in self-isolation after spending half term in the affected area of northern Italy.

Headteacher Phil Keen said the school were acting in accordance with the government guidelines and have kept parents informed.

Elsewhere, a pupil from Ballard School, who had been skiing in northern Italy, was sent home “as a precautionary measure” after feeling unwell.

The pupil was to be tested for the virus, although Ballard School headteacher, Andrew McCleave, said he was feeling better at home. The resort he was skiing in had zero confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

The school have confirmed the pupil does not have the virus.

The headteacher of Milford-on-Sea Primary School in the New Forest decided to stay at home after a trip to Italy.

Kate Crawford did not visit any of the affected areas in northern Italy but stayed at home on Wednesday as a precautionary matter.

Meanwhile, a Jewell Academy pupil and her mother took the decision to self-isolate as a precaution following a trip to Italy in half-term.

A spokesperson for Aspirations Academies Trust, which runs Jewell Academy, said: "A pupil at Jewell Academy travelled abroad to Italy with his mother over half term. They did not visit an area affected by coronavirus and upon returning to England made the decision to self-isolate as a precaution.

"They do not have any symptoms associated with the illness and the child’s father is continuing to go to work. His employer has not raised any concerns about his wellbeing.

"There are no cases of coronovirus at Jewell Academy."

Arnewood School in New Milton issued a letter to parents updating them on the national guidance being given in relation to coronavirus.

The correspondence from headteacher Nigel Pressnell said: "This letter is being issued as a purely precautionary measure. We will continue to actively monitor advice in school and share this with parents/carers when appropriate."

Four pupils from St Aldhem's are now awaiting tests for the virus, and have been asked to self-isolated. One pupil has already been tested.

The headteacher of the school, Jon Webb, sent an open letter to parents and carers explaining they are following Public Health England's guidance "to the letter".